Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

How does
the world ?

Designers dialogue, brainstorm, experiment. They have the will to make” it. Here, they take center stage.

  • SERIES 05 : Conferences
  • SERIES 04 : Exhibition stories
    New ways of the world, Fréchin, Design designer(s), Emergences
  • SERIES 03 : Maisons POC
  • SERIES 02 : Suddenly the world was immobilized
    Ruedi baur, Jan Piechota, Franck Houdégla, Philippe Casens, Ewa Satalecka, Susanna Cerri, Michael Erlhoff, Uta Brandes, Lars Müller, Guilio Vinacca
  • SERIES 01 : Post-lockdown ?

    Giovanna Massoni, François Jégou, Antoine Fenoglio, Luther Quenum, Geoffrey Galand

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