Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital


World Design

Design is capital

A bold statement, a true conviction.

Lille Metropole is the World Design Capital 2020. At the basis of that, lies Lille Metropole’s pioneering design approach ; which is driven by the desire to transform and redefine our heritage. 

Our history is proof that at each turn we managed to reinvent our industries, our landscape, our geographic space and our society in response to the issues facing the world. 

Our region is in a state of flux, resolutely turned towards the future. And in the running up to this WDC it has mobilized all of its forces as part of a cooperative project targeting transformation and the invention of new models.

Design is a tool of empathy and action. It engages us in a new form of collective and practical experimentation. Projects from Lille Métropole 2020, World Design Capital have paved the way for our region to be progressing towards an economy that is more creative, more frugal in its consumption of resources, more responsible and more collaborative. 

Our aim is to make this Euro-metropolis the world’s greatest collaborative design agency. We will be deploying a design approach on a massive scale, covering an area with 2.2 million inhabitants. Central to this are the POC, more than 600 projects experimenting with the idea of designing together, where the process is as important as the final result.

Over the next year, we will present the first results of this collaborative design approach, in the good company of more themed exhibitions, workshops, talks, open ateliers and much more. 

We hope to establish this region as a world reference for design by inviting designers, citizens, entrepreneurs, researchers and artists close to home and from around the globe to join us in the quest for new solutions.

You’re very invited to join and design this brave new region together with us.

President of Lille European Metropolis
President of Lille Metropole 2020, World design Capital 

over 500

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over 80



A collective

The adventure began the moment the MEL answered the World Design Capital questionnaire, the real preliminary stage of the project. Through our answers, we described a context and made a diagnosis, which we then used to roll out a unique design approach : experimentation on the scale of a Metropole.

We had to invent how to work with regional stakeholders through design, convince them to incorporate this discipline in their way of doing things and use it to create the entire programming.

It was a demanding approach in terms of mobilising energies, talents and partners. 

This stance provided the new perspective we needed to prepare the project. 

International non-governmental organisation co-founded in 1957 by Jacques Viénot, author of La République des Arts (1941).

Previously known as the ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design), the organisation obtained special consultative status to the 

United Nationsin 1974 and aims to represent the interests of industrial designers and establish a definition and standards for industrial design. It has played a major role ever since as a contributor to development projects that use design to enhance quality of life.

The role and importance of this organisation have gradually increased, leading to a change of name in 2017, when the ISCID became the World Design Organization (WDO) ®

Today, the WDO has over 178 member organisations from 40 countries, including design promotion agencies, companies, universities and government entities, all of whom work together and create the conditions to make their voice heard around the world.