Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

Driven by the Rotary Club since 2003, VP1D is a Europe-wide regional competition that aims to award the best textile-based projects and to give young design graduates from Paris to Brussels a fast track into the world of work.

For the 8th Biennale of SHOWCASE FOR A DESIGNER, a jury of professionals, sponsored by the designer François Azambourg, will choose candidates to develop a product for a partner textile company that has joined forces with the competition.

• GOLD SHOWCASE : €6,000 in prize money 

• PUBLIC PRIZE : €1,000 in prize money

The POC projects will be showcased in the Lille Métropole 2020 programme and the winner will take part in the 2021 lille – design springboard.

Entrants must :

> have graduated from an art or design school within the past 5 years

> have been born or have studied within a 250-km radius of Courtrai/​Roubaix/​Tournai (which encompasses Paris, Eindhoven, Birmingham, Brussels and Luxembourg, for example).

Candidates can apply in pairs or in groups of three or more.


> 15 October to 31 December 2019 : Call for Projects

A jury of teachers from partner schools, chaired by the designer François Azambourg, will select 5 to 7 candidates based on their own textile design projects and their educational/​career path.

> January to October 2020 : development of a specific project of an Associate Partner Company (EPA).

The chosen candidates will develop the project of an EPA, from the design phase to the development of a prototype.

With La Redoute Interieurs, Casamance Group, PicWicToys and Jules. 

Final expected in November 2020, in a major Lille Métropole museum !