Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

Serial Eater dissects thirty years of experimentation and reflection on the food object””.

Designed by the curator Benjamin Stoz, the exhibition analyses thirty years of experimentation and reflections around the subject of food as an object”. From its development in the 1990s to the current role it plays, food design analyses our behaviour, our desires and our doubts as eaters. Junk food, food waste or overeating ; understanding how we produce and consume puts food under the spotlight. There is no doubt that a good number of our food habits will have to change if we want to feed the world’s entire population healthily by 2050. But are we ready for change ?

The health crisis we have witnessed over the last few months and the news stories that have come out of it give the exhibition particular resonance. Many people are calling the foundations of our consumer society into question. Recent events have highlighted the influence of certain human activities, including in particular those connected to intensive farming, on the development of the Covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, mankind’s encroachment on land inhabited by wild animals that carry a wide range of viruses is without a doubt the cause of the epidemics that we have experienced in recent years.

Today, as the food industry is in crisis, with a system in which consumption is held up as a cultural and idealogical value, eaters are riddled with guilt, and profiles are becoming more and more extreme.
These days, how can we be carnivores at the same time as being eco-responsible and sensitive to animal welfare as well as continuing to enjoy eating, all at the same time?* By rethinking the overall food experience and establishing new limits, food design puts forward a series of sustainable, innovative alternatives, whose goal is first and foremost to feed the stomach, the eyes and the mind.

Credits photos :
La grande épicerie — Marc Bretillot
Marti Guixé, I‑cakes, 2001 © Marti Guixé
Marije Vogelzang, Volumes, 2017 © Marije Vogelzang
Next Nature Network Bistro in Vitro Meat Oyster 2015 © Next Nature Network and Submarine Channel
Chloe Rutzerveld Edible Growth 2014 © Chloe Rutzerveld Food Designer