Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

Ramy Fischler, designer and founder of RF studio, and Scott Longfellow, director of the studio’s Office of Uses, analyse the role of fiction and futurism in imagining the uses of tomorrow.

They explore the subject through an exhibition and a creation laboratory located in the Tripostal.

The exhibition uses a designer’s perspective to highlight the fictions and futuristic stories of the industrial era that inspired and even shaped our daily uses. Literature, cinematography and designers’ projects are brought together thematically, revealing to visitors our ways of being in the world, particularly in relation to technology. Original works of fiction created for the exhibition extend these connections and explore the role of design and designers in the construction of desirable fantasies.

Finally, the Laboratory of Uses”, the potential of fiction and the lessons of the exhibition are used to benefit companies, institutions and local authorities. In light of contemporary challenges, organisations are invited to experience fiction from a design perspective, with a view to enhancing the way they see their future.

Credit photo : ©RF Studio — Laurent caron