Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

The design of collaboration through more than 100 projects from the local territory and the world. This non-exhibition” will explore through design shows” the emerging visions of sharing, mutual aid and cooperation between the actors of the city.

Contemporary lifestyles are centred on the individual, solutions are increasingly personalised, algorithms are more targeted, mentalities are individualistic, interests are personal ? 

The challenge of the design for collaborative city is to restore the collective, regenerate common goods, rebuild the communities again, encourage self-help… The visitor will investigate a hundred on-going projects to detect evidence of the collaborative future.

The Maison Ville Collaborative is as much a showcase as it is a lively forum for exchange and debate. It will host a European Biennial of participatory cartography, a workshop on new synergies for the revitalisation of urban centres such as a children’s workshop imagining collaborative playgrounds or a workshop on the co-construction of the city between a local association and the local public authorities. 

This non-expo-action” will begin to take shape before its opening in April 2020 and will continue to be enriched by workshops, meetings, sessions, interactions and events etc. during the 8 months of opening.