Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

How can we improve the public service experience for users ? What might tomorrow’s public policies look like ?

Organised around around thirty field experiments, called POC (Proof Of Concept), which have taken or are taking place in the metropolitan area, the Maison POC Action Publique is one of the six POC houses that are contributing to make Lille Metropole come alive. 

For several months and for everyone it will be the observatory for the « Public Action » theme, which refers to the action of the administration to ensure its missions and services to the various users. 

Before being a place, the Maison POC AP is a moment to observe Public Action in full mutation through design.This moment, punctuated by a programme, is a set of high points, events and meetings, whose vocation is to reveal the dynamics of transformation through design that animates the action of the metropolis and the municipalities that make it up and to make it a subject of dialogue. A transformation that is embodied in the territory by various projects and initiatives in which the use of design as an organised approach contributes to the development of solutions with high social economic environmental and human added value. 

Housed in Lille at the Biotope, the new headquarters of La Métropole Européenne de Lille (MEL), the Maison Action Publique’s activities take place in the spaces of the MEL’s public policies laboratory in an exhibition area and of course online. 

Today The Maison POC Action Publique is about thirty projects that testify to the vitality of the action of the MEL and the municipalities as well as their capacity to rethink their ways of doing things. They deal with subjects such as food waste, preparing the city for heat waves or the temporary occupation of vacant spaces. These projects are both responses to problems that are taking shape in the metropolitan area and sometimes more widely in our society, but are also catalysts for changes within the public administration. They enable us to rethink the way it works, the ways of doing things and of intervening with the idea of producing renewed public action, or even new forms of public action, more in tune with the needs of our time.

Credit photo : © Strategic Design Scenarios