Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

L’Écouteur is a device for playing audio or music programmes within exhibition spaces.

It offers a unique collective listening experience, with four speakers located on either side of the device, and a piece of furniture with different listening points, encouraging users to relax.

Commissioned by the National Centre for Visual Arts (Cnap) in 2014, the device meets the need to invent an exhibition form suited to the increasingly present dimension of sound in contemporary creation. It aims to promote sound art and support artists who are struggling to find their place in concerts, festivals or exhibition spaces.

This installation is a combination of different artistic practices, a piece of design as well as a medium for the appreciation of sound works (music, narrative or documentary). The formal minimalism of the furniture was designed to contrast with the eclectic programming, and to invite visitors to take a moment to relax in a bubble of sound.