Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

Module Atelier is a contemporary art space where exhibitions are developed around the physical specifications of the former flour mill they take over.

The collective exhibition Botter Straete* will show works by 11 artists and three designer chairs on loan from FRAC Grand Large (Hauts-de-France).

It explores the ambiguous link that connects and divides work and subject in a scenography that ties them all together into a coherent whole.

*The Botter Straete (Butter Street) is a narrow road that crosses the Flemish countryside between Esquelbecq and Rubrouck.

Artists participating in the exhibition :

Waii Waii, Sophie Wirtz, Bernard Lesecq, Bruno Desplanques, Carol Levy, Donovan Le Coadou, Emmanuel Vaesken, Gauthier Leroy, Jérome Progin, Nicolas Tourte, Philemon Vanhorlé

Credit photo :
Bureau couteaux — Carol Levy
CASTAWAY EVERY DAY, de Gauthier Leroy