Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

Chapelle d’Elocques is a small residential district in the centre of Hellemmes and now the site of an extensive regeneration project. During the redevelopment, a new meeting and transition space will be set up to coordinate relations between residents and the project stakeholders. 

A compulsory renovation means that all residents in a 360-unit apartment block are going to have to be rehoused. But how can this potentially complicated operation run smoothly for the residents and efficiently for the developers ?

In response, social landlord Lille Métropole Habitat came up with the idea of creating a community hub on its construction site. The agency called on Marie Blanckaert from BLAU architects who designed a new space on the housing estate where residents, the housing association, the community liaison officer, architects and businesses could come together during the development phase. 

This community hub will house :

  • a community room,
  • the community liaison officer’s office,
  • a small duty office,
  • an outside area for public gatherings and events,
  • six temporary accommodation units to allow neighbours to stay close rather than be split up all over the estate.

This place is […] an innovative form of support that exceeds the typical measures implemented when decanting tenants during enforced rehousing ; a facility that will build bridges and cohesion around the project, the site and its stakeholders ; a service for the residents and the local area. This support will cover both the construction and rehousing operations as well as the social, cultural, environmental and landscaping aspects.” Marie Blanckaert 

The community hub will be open for visitors in April 2020 !

Crédits photos : ©BLAU et ©INA (photo 5)