Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

A popular congregation and hang-out spot, Place du Marché is a window into life in the Lille suburb of La Madeleine and that of its residents. Several actions have been started to redesign this 10,000 sq.m space in concert with the local population. A look back at this co-design project integrated into the POC process to showcase a collective approach in the interests of users.

Place du Marché in the La Madeline suburb is located at the heart of an amenities centre known as the magic square” comprising the media library, the conservatory, the Millénaire theatre and the future concert hall set to occupy the former Huet heating plant. This dynamic commercial and cultural hub in the town centre holds huge urban regeneration potential.

A consultation process was launched with the population from September 2017 to January 2018 which included a range of activities such as exhibitions, city walks, surveys, creative workshops and more. The initiative helped to define the local population’s dream town which according to them should be social, green, lively, animated and multifunctional. 

In a co-design approach, three different development scenarios emerged from the ideas collected. They were submitted to the La Madeleine population. The selected proposal is entitled the link”.

This development has already won two stars from the Participation & Consultation Trophies in 2019, an award that recognises the innovative nature of the J’imagine mon Cœur de Ville (Imagine your town centre) programme.