Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

The Carré Bleu” is a 90-km route following the tow paths and quiet roads running along the main navigable waterways across the Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai region. The Eurometropolis has seized on the POC operation to make it a concrete and more user-friendly initiative. 

The carré bleu” is at the heart of the Parc Bleu. As its core it is a way to connect the Eurometropolis region via its waterways – the Escaut, the Lys, the Deûle, the Canal de Bossuit, the Canal de l’Espierres and the Canal de Roubaix. The Lille-Kortrijk-TournaiEurometropolis wishes to develop and reintegrate these black spots” and turn this fluvial network into an asset for the community. 

It is underpinned by a co-design approach with designers Valot & Druet and partner companies in order to design a strong visual identity and physical and digital signage for the community. 

A project carried out as part of the Tripod II initiative.