Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

The prefecture of the Hauts-de-France region is using service design to launch an experimental project that aims to increase support for people with literacy difficulties.

In spring 2019, after conducting a diagnosis with stakeholders, it tasked the charity Signes de Sens with designing a prototype to rethink the existing service. 

To reach invisible’ individuals, rather than focusing on their illiteracy, we have identified some of its inherent, day-to-day problems. We are putting together a proposal with the main aim of solving these problems. This allows us to make positive contact with the person, bring them out of their administrative invisibility’ and created a controlled’ opportunity to guide them towards education.”
Simon Houriez, designer of the service and director of Signes de Sens — Lille

The prototyped tool is a platform that organises shifts” of volunteers to help those in difficulty with filling in administrative forms. When they come on shift, the volunteer helps the person and tells them about the range of support available for learning how to manage their documents for independently, give their children more help with school and get back into employment.

The prototype will be trialled in Avesnois, the pilot region, to measure the performance of the process with users, education centres and different points of contact. If results are conclusive, the prefecture will be able to launch the experimentation phase