Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

The Ice Box Challenge aims to raise public awareness around high-performing buildings. The challenge has already been taken up in Melbourne, New York and Vancouver. Lille is set to join in soon ! 

With Lille as the designated World Design Capital in 2020, three ICAM students – all with an interest in eco-design and support from architect Vincent Delsinne at architecture firm Atelier d’Architecture Delsinne – are throwing themselves into the Ice Box Challenge.

The challenge is simple : exhibit two wood-frame structures over a number of days : 

  • one built to the Lille Metropole Building Code (in terms of insulation);
  • the other built to the super-insulated Passive House Standard (efficient insulation, completely airtight and reduction of cold bridges).

Each house will contain a tonne of ice with the amount that does not melt to be measured and compared at the end of the experiment !

The results will be interesting. The goal of the challenge is above all to demonstrate the performance of passive houses and educate the Lille public on the benefits of high-performing constructions. Because given that only 7% of the Metropole’s housing stock is built according to current energy regulations, urgent action is needed.

What is the connection between design and the Ice Box Challenge ?

The passive house is an alternative building standard based on combining energy performance and efficient design.