Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

As training is being upscaled across France, the Continuous Vocational Training and Work/​Study Programmes Department at the University of Lille is re-examining the place given to the user and their access to vocational and continuous learning. 

The POC will serve as a facility for giving a voice to users, industry professionals and partners to share opinions and find innovative solutions based on design practices as a means for developing top-tier services.

Two design residencies were held in March and December 2019 attracting between 30 and 40 participants each time. During the residencies, learners, companies and training professionals, mainly in the field of continuous education, developed concrete projects focusing on the continuous learner path at university and the following questions : 

  • funding training,
  • sponsorship,
  • developing third places,
  • promoting networking.

The aim of the POC is to promote practices and build a new model in view of working together to design a new continuous learning service.