Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

Cooking as a pretext for physical effort

Al dente is a set of four machines to compensate for the loss of physical activity from the elderly population using cooking as an excuse !

Each of the machines makes it possible to accentuate, exaggerate and amplify the different gestural stages of the tagliatelle recipe in order to preserve the autonomy of the seniors.

The different machines allow mixing eggs and flour, flatten the dough, cut a portion of drain and serve and finally sit down to eat. These devices work in every stage of muscle strength, balance, memory, planning, motor skills, coordination, manual dexterity and even social cohesion.

This project focuses more broadly on the problem of sedentary lifestyles. Indeed, the contemporary world is faced with a growing evolution of technology that is now invading our daily lives. Physical inactivity has taken precedence over physical activity. Thus, this project proposes a solution aimed at fighting against the gestural impoverishment of our young elders”, in favour of maintaining their autonomy.

Photo credit : Benjamin Decle