Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

The Circular Economy” Maison POC is about sober consumption models of exhaustible resources where the waste of one is reintroduced into the production cycle of the other…

Recipient of three founding values — zero waste, frugality and reuse — this Maison POC wishes above all to be an example of how to make an event space sustainable, accessible and eco-responsible. Located in the former school of the Couvent des Clarisses in Roubaix, the Maison is taking part in the circular rehabilitation and transitional occupation project Saisons Zéro (Zero Seasons) run by the Zerm collective and the City Council of Roubaix.

The Maison POC is not intended as a showcase for solutions, but as a catalyst for positive practices that raise and promote the right questions more than the right answers, the whys and wherefores more than the expected results. 

Around sixty projects from POC holders in Lille and elsewhere — presented as experiments in systems, with a particular focus on citizen participation and co-design — are in dialogue with the practices of international designers. A living laboratory, evolving and open to all, it will be built over time thanks to the active participation of project leaders and the public. 

The Maison thus functions as a bridge between the local ecosystem, the neighbourhood, the city, the Metropolis and the international, dealing with important topics : short circuit production methods with low energy impact, responsible and low consumption, use of ecological materials (renewable resources, bio-sourced materials), waste management and reuse.

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Project sponsor :
Aequo édition Auchan Retail Blancheporte Boulanger Camaïeu Francesca Cappa DIZY Sabine Dubuis ECO DESIGN Écomusée de l’Avesnois ENSCI-Les Ateliers, Département textile ESA/​Académie des Beaux-Arts de Tournai, section Design textile Faubourg 132 Fibr’&Co GRDF Christophe GUÉRIN IDKids IMT Lille Douai IMT Lille Douai — CERI Matériaux et Service Technologies de l’Information Instead — Franck Grossel J’OSE FAIRE Guillaume Krick La Maillerie — Linkcity Nord Est & NODI La Manufacture Lefebvre Textile Les éco-Quesnoysiens Les Facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille Maison Lenglin x NINII Métalu A Chahuter Mes Voisins Producteurs Mondial Relay Mon Petit Potager Orange Poly Aurélie Prevost / Christophe Guerin Projet Consigne HDF Quick Power Access RE C² Refabmarket Guillaume Rousseaux Anna Saint Pierre – SCAU Saison Menu & Associés VERDI Ville de Roubaix Ville Renouvelée Wind Maker Yncréa Hauts-de-France (Université Catholique de Lille)

Guest designers :
Rotor : rotordb​.org/en ; rotordc​.com
Eugenia Morpurgo : eumo​.it ; thefuturecontinuous​.com
OpenStructures : openstructures​.net
Studio Plastique : studioplastique​.be

Credit photo :
1 — Malte-Martin, Agrafmobile © Zerm
3 — Anna Saint Pierre / SCAU, Expérimentations autour de la brique (dissection, découpe, impression)
4 — Instead dreches biere © Franck Grossel
5 — Guillaume Rousseaux Le Pot
6 — Collectif Faubourg 132 Recyclab 2013 a aujourdhui
7 — Christophe GUERIN Cristallographie aluminium Baudelet © C Guerin
8 — Mes Voisins producteurs Clement © Julien Sylvestre Creative Commons

Contributed to the Maison POC Economie circulaire Ferrantelli and CELC.