Lille Métropole 2020 World Design Capital

experimentation through design

For over a year now, public and private actors, researchers, developers and associations in the Lille Metropole Area have been involved in the POC programme. 

A POC marks the moment when we test the prototype of a solution found through a design process and use the lessons learned to improve the performance and efficiency of a given product or service.

From 29 April, five Maison POCs(POC Centres) will showcase projects created in the Lille Metropole Area and beyond. Each Maison POC will be an exhibition centre, project observatory and research lab for exploring a specific theme in its own unique way : 

  • Care
  • Circular economy
  • Collaborative city
  • Housing
  • Public action

» In 2020, discover and explore the solutions invented !

Crédit photo : ©Faubourg 132, Bric, 2017